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We are constantly moving towards satisfying our customers' requests. Modern production technologies, professional design and quality control at every stage of production and service.

Doors in which design meets the function

Suitable for all types of property, both for your personal style and taste in decor.
Strong doors

The modern method of joining eurobrushes. Solid deep boxes without corresponding straps.

Eco-friendly varnishes and glues

Certified materials guarantee a safe environment indoors.

Attention to the smallest details

To preserve the integrity of the product, fittings are cut in factories.

Individual sizes and design

Create a unique comfort in your home with the hands of our repairmen.

Huge assortment

A huge selection of decorative elements and design options.

Lining, cornices, skirting boards, arches of various shapes, wall panels and even certified fire interior door

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Quality Guarantee of La Porte

How do La Porte check the door before sale?


Study of the material of the base

Doors are made of natural wood which are always better than the MDF door, and even the best doors of the chipboard.

Measurement of geometry

Doors should not have distortion of a material like "screw" or "wave", it is determined visually from the side of the end. Be sure to measure the diagonals - their difference should not exceed one or two millimeters.

Technology of production

Veneered, laminated or solid wood doors.

Attention on the surface

Surfaces should be smooth and flat, no roughness, irregularities, scrubbing


The color of all surfaces should be homogeneous, without spots, divorces and no deep manifestation of the structure.

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